Power Generation

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Sound Proof Canopies & Tower Lights

Description Sound proof canopies are to reach 60 db(a)+ at 1 mt engine cooling is equipped with fixed circuit air-flow directed downwards. These canopies are suitable for being in tropical environments. Easy maintenance operations are allowed by easily removed panels and wide opening doors. The soundproofing material is fire resistant and self-extinguishing. Canopies if some series are available in 2 versions: kit and already mounted versions. Frame Base Supporting structure made up by sturdy spars reinforced by supporting crossbar with fluid collection basin. It includes eyelets for ...

Diesel-Driven Engines

Special Attributes • Low fuel consumption • Variable and fixed speed builds • Up to 500 hour service intervals • Cold start capability down to -32ºC • Tropical radiator with pusher fan and full guarding • Several starting options (manual and electrical) • Designed for the continuous operation in ambient temperatures up to +55ºC Engine Characteristics • Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation builds available • Direct, indirect or spark injection • Naturally aspirated or turbo charged • Standard oil and fuel filters and air cleaners • Low oil pressure and high cadent coolant temperature ...


Description Super compact synchronous single and threephase brushless alternators with higher protection degree on request. Bearing are dimensioned for heavy duty Performance Range • Power 62 kVA to 3600 kVA • Poles 2 and 4

Control Panels

Product Design Our systems are designed with utility and durability in mind. Control panels are built with features to assist operators in monitoring and troubleshooting system process, and are built to different norms and standards and we can select UL listed (if required) components and materials that have proved to be reliable in different and various installations. Replacement parts are available from different sources. Testing and Approval Arison’s panels are manufactured and thoroughly checked for routine tests, “no-load” tests, high-voltage tests and measurement of insulation resistance. All ...
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