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Horizontal Single & Multistage Pumps - Residential

Horizontal single and multistage centrifugal pumps suitable for developing a considerable pressure flow rate with extremely silent operation and with a minimum electrical energy consumption. Application • Booster systems • Fire fighting • Washing systems • Irrigation • Pumping and distribution of water in domestic systems Performance Range • Max Flow 10 l/s • Max Head 90 m.

Horizontal End Suction - Industrial

Description Single stage centrifugal can be coupled to both diesel engines and electric motors. The end suction back - pull - out facility allows the pump rotor and associated components to be removed without disturbance to the pipe work. Maintenance is therefore considerably simplified, both in terms of time and in labor skill requirements. The end suction pumps also conform to EN 733 DIN 24255 dimensional standard for use in industrial, building services and many OEM applications. Application • Air Conditioning and Heating Systems • Water Boosting • Irrigation Water Supply ...

Horizontal Multistage - Industrial

Description Centrifugal multistage pumps for high pressure. Made of special nodular, engineering cast iron for high pressures and/or bronze and other materials on request. Double support with large sized bearings and hydraulic pressure balancing device. Available in versions with adjustable packing or mechanical seal. Ensure high performance and peak hydraulic efficiency. Application • Water Supply • Fire-Fighting • Snow Making System • Irrigation & Industrial Application Performance Range • Max Flow 450 I/s • Max Head 900 m

Horizontal Split-Case - Industrial

Description Horizontal split case pumps are specially designed for general purposes include double entry, single and double stage, horizontally or vertically mounted pumps with casings axially split and comprise of different sizes to meet almost all applications. Thanks to their special design construction these pumps provide higher efficiency and cavitation-free running. With the top half of the casing removed maintenance is easy and fast; the complete pump rotating element can be removed without disturbing the pipe work. Application • Water Supply: main lift booster pumps to cities, towns and ...
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