Drainage & Waste Water

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Submersible Drainage

Description Electrical submersible pumps designed for raising drainage water, thanks to their handiness and sturdiness they are used for draining out excavations even under the harshest washing conditions. Ideal for conveying clean or dirty water containing mud and sand, draining tanks and reservoirs, irrigating gardens and allotments. Application • Rain Water • Clean or Dirty Water • Mud and Sand • Draining Tanks and Reservoirs • Irrigation • Contracting Pump Performance Range • Max Flow 50 I/s • Max Head 40 m

Horizontal Waste Water & Sewage

Description and Application Innovative series of surface monobloc electric pumps, in horizontal or vertical version, for pumping residential annd industrial waste water, coupled with standard electric motors. Compact, reliable, versatile, with easy maintenance and installation in dry chambers. Equipped with retraced vortex high-efficiency hydraulics standard or self priming, single channel or double channel impeller. Supplied as standard with double mechanical seal on the shaft, barrier oil chamber and conductivity probe. The double support for the rotor ensures excellent resistence even in the harshest industrial applications such as Lift Station, ...

Submersible Drainage Waste Water & Sewage

Description High efficiency electric submersible pumps for raising waste water. Expressly designed for pumping residential and industrial waste, in drainage and sewage lifting stations and treatment. Single, multi-channel, vortex impellers, shredders and with anti logging device. Available in explosion proof version conforming to ATEX 11 2G EExd 11BT4. Application • Waste Water • Sewage • Treatment Plants • Irrigation • Lifting Stations Performance Range • DN 65 to 350 mm • Max Flow 800 I/s • Max Head 66 m • Max Power 70 kW Installation • Wet • Dry

Submersible Shredder Waste Water

Description Electric submersible pumps with shredder for waste water suspended particles. Impellers with front clearance adjustment, hardened shredder, and high efficiency low temperature motors. Application Raising drainage water containing solid or fibrous materials Performance Range • Max Flow 6.5 I/s • Max Head 65 m • Max Power 7.5 kW
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