Deep Well & Lineshaft

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Electric Submersible Deepwell Pumps

Description Electric, submersible, radial and mixed flow impellers are able to reach high head. Thanks to limited axial dimensions of the wet ends these machines feature a high number of stages with limited length so as to make them compact and reliable Especially solid equipments, designed to last and to always ensure peak performance and efficiency under harsh conditions of use at great depths of installation. Performance Range • Size from 4” to 22” • Max Flow 560 l/s • Max Head 850 m • Max Power 370 kW

Electric Motors

Description Rewindable submersible single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors expressly designed for use with pumps. Made both in 2 and 4 poles, water or nontoxic liquid, for perfect cooling and safe oil filled lubrication. NEMA standards for 4”, 6”, and 8” flanged connection. A careful study of the supports and thrust-bearing devices, using the finest materials available, is an assurance of greater reliability over time. An exclusive electrical project combined with a series of specific precautions, dictated by profound experience in the field; provide incomparable operating efficiency in both ...

Vertical Turbine LineShaft Pumps

Description Vertical lineshaft pumps with submerged pump bowl, lineshaft and drive unit on the surface, for installation in deep wells or tanks. Featuring an extremely solid and reliable construction design, they ensure great application flexibility. The technical characteristics and broad range of versions make this series ideal for pumping services in the sectors of water supply, industry, private and consortium irrigation and in fire-fighting systems. These machines can be controlled both by electric motors and power take off tractors to ensure unequalled service efficiency. Performance Range • Max Flow 5000 ...
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